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My name is Arissa Lahr. I’m a 22 year old, recent college graduate.

The multiple expressions on these pages have become a way for me to consolidate my personal art as well as my thoughts and reflections on social change and social justice. It is my intention to share my work in the hopes of further fostering communities of change making individuals.

Stemming from my desire to promote positive social change, my academic experiences led me through theoretical knowledge of international relations and sustainability but more importantly, convinced me of our individual social responsibility and the ability that we as indiviudals have to impact positive change.  My passions lie in advocating for social justice through multiple forms and outlets.

My desire to see and do everything has led to a void that is only filled by constant movement through places, languages, and experiences. Whether my own back yard or the mangrove forests of Bangladesh, this desire has led me to people and places that have shaped and altered my perception of this one precious life.

These are pieces of my journey that I am happy to share.

May our positive thinking turn into action and be more than just thoughts.


My Work Featured Elsewhere:

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