the world through music

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the world through music

Music can often "transport" us to a different place entirely or amplify the present moment we are in.

While on the road I try to pick up on the music and artists that come from that particular place. Here is a curated playlist as a result.

Hope you Enjoy!

Ayzenegash Libe- Teddy Afro (Ethiopia)

Julia- Jungle (UK)

Hanoï café- Bleu Toucan (France)

Ande Ethiopia- Gigi (Ethiopia)

Ubu- Methyl Ethel (Australia)

Amsterdam- Alice Phoebe Lou,(South Africa) KlangKuenstler (Germany)

La Cosecha- Nicola Cruz (Ecuador)

Chan Chan- Buena Vista Social Club (Cuba)

Overnight- Parcels (Australia)

Amour Amour- Livia Blanc (France)

Jonom Jonom- Porhsi (Bangaldesh)

Poloke Poloke- Arfin Rumey (Bangladesh)

Met Mij- Gers Paradol (The Netherlands)

Niet Omdat Het Moet- Lil Kleine feat. Ronnie Flex( The Netherlands)

Sea World - Original Mix- Young Marco (The Netherlands)

Done- The Indien (The Netherlands)

Use Me Again - Carl Craig Rework - Tom Trago (The Netherlands)

Bloodline feat. Tomas Høffding- Kölsch(Denmark)

XXX 88- Mø (Denmark)

Get Low- James Vincent (Ireland)

Renaissance Girls- Oh Land (Denmark)

Destiny feat. Pional -John Talabot (Spain)

Je veux-Zaz (France)

Salvaje- Fuel Fandango (Spain)